Thursday, 30 June 2011

Emma at the LGC

A4e's Emma Harrison has been one of the plenary speakers at the Local Government Conference in Birmingham. (She's billed as Dr. Emma Harrison - not sure when she got her PhD.) Two tweets about it: "Great presentation by Emma Harrison urging UK to assist 'negative millionaires' in to work" and "Packed hall for this morning's plenary on boosting private sector growth. Dr Emma Harrison of A4E speaking". I wonder what a "negative millionaire" is. No, don't tell me. There's a report of the speech on which highlights Harrison's apparent expertise in the area of Local Enterprise Partnerships. She told delegates that if the government turned down a region's application for a LEP, the authorities and local business should go ahead and form one anyway. "The call for direct action by councils and businesses met with a great deal of approval within the audience." The article ends: "Ms Harrison – who is advising the prime minister on back-to-work programmes for the long-term unemployed - urged authorities to support as far as possible low-cost regimes designed to help the unemployed sustain work for charities and small businesses in order to make them ‘work ready’." Now, read that sentence again, slowly. It means that local councils should put money into charities and small businesses so that they can give work placements (not jobs) to the unemployed. Hmm. But this sort of event is all about networking and consolidating Harrison's image as the government's guru.

Mark Lovell has been to meetings in the Cabinet Office and has been invited to a Buckingham Palace garden party. Roy Newey, meanwhile, has been meeting the Chinese premier before setting off for India. It's all go!


  1. "Negative Millionaires"... having worked for Emma for some time I really do think she is starting to believe in her own drivel and it is only going in one direction.

  2. Its an honoury doctorate Emma received from some university a few years back so I wouldn't read too much into it. Just makes me laugh at why she would have the bal*s to use the title!!

  3. Bless Wikipedia!

    The greed continues! She actually has has two honorary doctorates! One from The University Of Derby and the other from The University Of Bradford.

  4. The link on the right, Fury over ‘cruel' BBC gameshow offering jobs as prizes .....

    Just a a copy of The Fairy Jobmother programme and another made for TV. It does not represent the real world. Who is to say too that even the participants, all of them, are actors .....


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