Wednesday, 26 May 2010

More from Iain Duncan Smith

The new Secretary of State for Work & Pensions has given an interview to the Guardian on his plans for welfare reform. Most of it is what we already know, and is sensible. But there's a part which will concern many of us, because it shows a lack of understanding of the current system.
Duncan Smith also promises to be tougher on claimants who refuse job opportunities. "The jobseeker's allowance has a sanction at present. It just has not been used. If you simply are not going to play ball, then the taxpayer has a right to say: 'You need to know there is a limit to the amount of support we are going to give you.' The sanction comes into play."
This is meaningless rhetoric. As I've said many a time, very few people find themselves in the position of being offered a job and refusing it. Perhaps "job opportunities" means something different. The rest of the quote means nothing unless the limit referred to is the cutting off of benefits after a fixed period.

Today's news has been about schools, and there have been more references to businesses running them. We're told that a number of companies have already shown interest. I wonder which ones.


  1. I am too ill to be hired, but not sick enough to get the extra support. There is liability issues in work. Been told i wouldn't get a job Because its too dangerous for them and for me. So I am stuck.

  2. IDS: If you, or one of your colleagues, are reading this please clarify the term "Job Opportunities". It's like saying to someone you have a "travel opportunity", what does it mean?

    You will greatly improve your credibility with the unemployed and other climants by not using New Labour speak.

  3. I can't keep up with this system anymore. dealing with the benefits system is like running on a treadmill that never slows and when you tire, you fall off. Only it's not in that Ronnie Corbett Way to Amarillo fun kind of way; it's the starve to death kind of way.

    I wish there was some help available. I spoke to a grou called Positive Step yesterday who offer CBT to people. Sounds great, but of course they don't communicate with the jobcentre (or even my gp). This lack of communication doesn't help.


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