Sunday, 23 May 2010


Fancy working for A4e? There are three senior posts with them advertised in the Guardian today.
All three adverts begin with the same message: "be inspired... This next step will be some journey" and go on to say, "A4e manages and delivers public services in partnership with governments, public and private organisations, and the voluntary and community sector. Our involvement in front line public service delivery attracts significant attention from policy makers and the media. As a result, we are now recruiting a number of key personnel who will help to formulate and implement a solid communications strategy to underpin the success of the business as it grows into a global player."
The first is for a Head of Communications. "You are a communications professional with the pedigree, personality and gravitas to drive strategy and provide leadership in a fast moving, high energy organisation with a social purpose. As an influential and persuasive individual you must be able to devise communications strategies that will shape public opinion and stakeholder views of A4e."
The second is for a Public Affairs Manager. "A public affairs professional is sought to improve A4e's influence across governments in the UK and overseas. You will produce high quality 'think pieces' that will shape the future direction of policy and policy implementation. You will be well connected and be able to represent A4e at a senior level in key meetings and presentations."
Thirdly, there's a Regional Communications Manager. "You will be experienced in developing brand presence through the use of local media, events, targeted stakeholder comms and through local sponsorship. You will generate news and inputs into national news events to maintain A4e's external profile. You will be well networked with key local stakeholders and employers and have an excellent understanding of how best to engage and communicate with local organisations."
[All italics are mine.]
Nothing there about "improving people's lives", I notice.

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  1. Last year the jobcentre asked me if I had GCSE Maths. "No", I replied. "Pity", said the clerk, "co's they got a vacancy for a Financial Director".


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