Monday, 5 October 2009

Tory policy - how new is it?

The Conservatives are making much of their welfare-to-work policy. But the BBC's Nick Robinson, on his blog, has pointed out that the plans are pretty much the same as Labour's, and that both parties are exaggerating the differences between them. One of those keen to make the distinction clear is James Purnell, the man who presided over the late, unlamented New Deal contracts and devised FND. On the Demos website he points out the "Holes in Conservative welfare plan". And for a view from the left of both of Tory and Labour, read Dave Osler's article on the Liberal Conspiracy site.
Meanwhile, FND is up and running. It was interesting to see that when the BBC's Working Lunch today wanted a view from one of the providers they looked to Serco.


  1. Well the con-servative claims 6 months instead of 12 months but Labour has a fast track system of 6 months where most people have been accelerated on to FND. Whats the difference? nothing!

  2. I think the DWP need to publicise the FND a lot more. Many ex-New Deal clients still think it will be like the old one but for a year + 4 week work placement.

    My understanding, correct me if I'm wrong, is that the FND will involve attending a provider 1 day every fortnight for a year excluding the 4 week work placement?


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