Wednesday, 28 October 2009

ESF Phase 2 - nothing for A4e

The announcement of the successful bidders for ESF phase 2 has been made. (For some background on the European Social Fund see this website.)
Now, when the PQQ stage shortlist was announced, A4e had succeeded in 8 of the 12 areas in making the shortlist. But they haven't won a single contract. The biggest winner is Seetec, with 4 areas. Ingeus and Intraining each have 2, and ESG, Reed and Working Links have one each (Cornwall is still to be decided).


  1. I can just see A4e wondering if getting Cornwall is more humiliating than not getting any of the others (assuming they bid for Cornwall in the first place)

  2. They weren't shortlisted for Cornwall - don't know whether they bid.

  3. They can't get Cornwall if they weren't short-listed.


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