Wednesday, 15 July 2009

A Socialist Reaction

You would expect the Socialist Party to be hostile to private sector involvement in welfare to work. And an article on their website, headed Private Companies Caught in Jobcentre Scam, sets out the antipathy that they, and the PCS union, feel about it. Particularly interesting is the reference to A4e's involvement in Israel. You may recall that A4e got its contracts in Israel in a welter of criticism in 2005 that they had been helped by the British government despite the fact that working in occupied territory was against the government's policy - see EI Exclusive: Britain's Double Game. Now well ensconced in Israel, A4e are known there as Amin. Those who have been clients of A4e in Britain may like to look at Amin's web page on the rights and requirements of a participant there.

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  1. I just looked at the Amin website. The requirements for clients seemed to be almost endless, unlike their rights which were almost non existent. I noticed it said a client was entitled to 3 days holiday year - unles this was a typo. As with A4e clients in the UK, make sure you ask in advance for whatever it is you want - and make sure you have documentary proof.


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