Wednesday, 7 May 2014


There's a job going with A4e; a high-powered, responsible job for which you'll need to be well-qualified.  It's as Public Affairs Advisor, and you can find the advert here.  
But notice that "public affairs" seems to mean political engagement.  You will have to have "knowledge and experience of UK politics, either within the political system at a national or local level, in a consultancy or an in-house role".  You will, amongst other things, be managing "ongoing constituency contact programmes", "delivering political events, e.g. fringes at party conference" and "providing advice on political developments".  And all for £26-28k a year.  That sounds like a heck of a lot to many jobseekers, but not if you need that background and qualifications and have to live in London.
It reminds us that A4e, like other outsourcing companies, is not just selling its services in an open market place.  Political contacts and engagement are essential.  At best, it's lobbying.
Which reminds us, whatever happened to our friend Jonty Olliff-Cooper? His twittering is still protected after that fiasco of his insulting the unemployed while working for A4e.  It seems that he has taken his expertise to the management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company.  


  1. Somebody's Daddy pulled some strings,I signed on yesterday and presented my Claimant booklet,quick look and once again,Not enough info,you have violated my directions....Before you threaten a Sanction,please go to the front of the book and look at the examples given,I used these as a template but entered the relevant info concerning myself...Is the example given wrong or misleading? That is only a guideline and is not acceptable.....To you personally or too the DWP ..Both!...Are you going to recall all the Claimant Booklets nationwide and replace them with a relevant example as this is misleading and will cause confusion....I am on MWA in the next 15 days anyway,so asking questions is not allowed....Can't wait to go to my Mandatory Voluntary assignment,but I do want this phrase in writing. Gripe will continue tomorrow.

  2. Please don't use this blog to tell the ongoing story of your own experience if it's not relevant to the original post.

  3. How intriguing! Thanks very much for this new article, historian.

    Reading the job-advert, it sounds perfect for a recent graduate in Politics who is also a wannabe Spad. His/her boss, it seems, will be the person with whom A4E have replaced Jonty Oliff-Cooper.

  4. Sick of the Work Programme8 May 2014 at 02:26

    Very interesting. Perhaps A4e are getting particularly jumpy about how they are being perceived by the outside world and are eager to be viewed as being 'politically relevant?' I agree that a salary of £26-28000 will not go very far in London, and is a poor salary for a job which has any degree of responsibility.


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