Tuesday, 6 April 2010

FND Results

A4e have published figures for the first six months of FND on their news page.
  • Nearly 30,000 starters in 6 months.
  • Over 2,630 into work.
That's less than 9%, but that's irrelevant. Only jobs lasting 13 weeks or more are counted as outcomes, and so only those clients who started in the first 3 months can have possibly been in work for 13 weeks or more. We don't know how many did start in the first 3 months, but let's halve the total and call it 15,000. And A4e say that the figure for "sustained" jobs is nearly 200. That's 1.3%.
Okay, that's a bit unfair. Clients can be on FND for a year, and the figures are bound to rise. But they'll have to rise considerably to prove that the programme is worthwhile for providers and clients, as well as for the government. And it doesn't augur well for the Tories' plan to pay only on outcomes. It will be interesting to see what other providers have achieved.


  1. Someone has left a comment asking for a verdict on his new blog. I'm not publishing the comment because I think a lot needs to be done to the blog before it's acceptable. But good luck.

  2. They might have least had the decency to comment on the post first before mentioning their blog.

    Given the current economic climate, and the fact that their are approximately ten jobseekers for every vacancy It doesn't look good for those on FND who are the hardest to help and furthest from the job market.

  3. You can claim a sustainable job outcome from day 1 of the Customer going into employment as long as the emplore indicates on the job outcome evidence form that they expect the job to last more than 13 weeks.

    Hope this helps

  4. For those that are about to go on FND. You do not have to sign the employment disclosure form (gives your new employer permission to confirm your are employed).

    I refused to sign it when it when Ingeus gave it to me. Thye we're okay, and said I could just as easily visit their office and sign a document to confirm I was in employment.

    I mention this because some providers will try to bully you into signing as well as many jobseekers on FND tend to sign forms without querying what is it and the implications of signing.

    Can you imagine anything more embarrassing than the provider phoning your new employer to ask if you working there?

  5. The form simply confirms that you are employed, and it is the only way that the provider can get evidence (and hence payment) for the job outcome. Some providers offer the client a reward (perhaps £50) to get the confirmation signed. Even if you don't do this the Jobcentre will know you've signed off. The only reasons to refuse to get the form signed are i) you don't want the provider to get the outcome payment or ii) you don't want the employer to know that you've been on a programme.

  6. Historian: Ingeus gave me the impression that they would not be informed by the jobcentre when a client signs off when I queried that the jobcentre would tell them anyway.

    I wouldn't begrudge Ingeus getting an outcome payment if I was to get a job, they did a brilliant facelift job on my CV. I didn't even recognise myself when I read it.

  7. I don't know what the situation is now. A few years ago the Jobcentres happily exchanged information with the providers, but then decided that this was not allowable. I suspect that some do and some don't.


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