Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Emma Harrison CBE

A4e's owner, Emma Harrison, has been given a CBE in the New Year honours list. It's "For services to Unemployed People and to the Voluntary Sector." The Derby Telegraph expands on this a little. "In 1991, she founded A4e Ltd to deliver social change on behalf of the government. Managing £300m of government contracts, A4e now employs 1,500 staff in offices nationwide and Emma anticipates the organisation will more than double in size over the next two years. She was appointed as the chairman of regions of the NSPCC Full Stop Campaign and donated more than £1m to the charity."


  1. Well, well, well!!!

    Still, who can be really suprised at this news? It just goes to show the 'honours' system is as much use as a paper raincoat!

    Etiquette prevents me from saying what I really think!

  2. If anyone deserves an award/medal it't the thousands of unemployed who had to endure 13 weeks of torture on the New Deal provided by A4e, especially thoe ones that have done it 2/3 times before over the years

  3. Check Private Eye,


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